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 1. Make sure your page size is set to A4 in Microsoft Word.Remember - The default page size for word is an American size,American Letter or 8.5” x 11” - Use this and it will affect your margins. 2. Page Margins : Normally a thesis has a 3cm left hand margin, top, bottom and right hand margins should be 2cms. If you are struggling with page numbering throughout your thesis use a quick fix - create several different Word files, one file for each different numbered section, number each one as required. create the separate Acrobat PDF files, We can join all the separate files together into one PDF. 3.College Thesis Specifications:  Most colleges have a laid down set of guidelines regarding hardbound thesis binding. 4.It is your responsibility to make absolutely sure that the spelling, punctuation and grammar is given to us correctly.This cannot be changed afterwards without re- binding,i.e. correct course name, abbreviations, full stops etc. 5.If you want us to print your thesis, it needs to be in Adobe Acrobat format, this is easy to do. The latest versions of Microsoft Word have a facility to “Save As” and select PDF.
Thesis Preparation Tips